New year, new me...

That's kind of a cliche title, isn't it? Ah, who cares. If you've followed me for more than a year now, you know how challenging 2015 was for me. 

After losing a job I adored, I transitioned over to a competing station. At first, it was difficult - having to learn a new system, new co-workers and dealing with a new flow.

All the while, I was still damaged by the loss of a job I worked at for 5.5 years. To be completely honest, I went through a period of depression. Anyone who's dealt with depression knows how tough of an obstacle it can be.

While dealing with it, I lashed out and reacted in a way I shouldn't have. I acted immaturely and battered some relationships. I regret that and I apologize.

Sadly, the longest relationships I've had are with TV stations. So when the job loss happened, it was a lot like being broken up with by someone you were in love with for years.

Fortunately, in the months that followed the 'moving on' process began. I quickly fell in love with my new station, co-workers, managers and the way we tell stories at FOX.

Transitioning over to FOX made me a better Reporter. Not only was I telling the signature long-form feature stories I was known for at Channel 9, but I was getting back into the groove of General Assignment Reporting.

GA Reporting is what I initially fell in love with when I became a reporter. Getting the chance to jump back into that field, as well as applying storytelling techniques to every day stories, made me fall back in love with my career.

I'm grateful for the opportunity I've been given at FOX. I can't say this enough: I'm really, really, really happy there. Quite frankly, it's the happiest I've been at work in years.

My managers and co-workers challenge me to be the best journalist I can be - and I absolutely love them for it.

At the same time, I'm also grateful for the time I was given at Channel 9. I learned so much from so many talented people there. 

If I've said anything to offend anyone at my old station over the last year, I apologize. At the time, I was hurting (although that's no excuse). 

Channel 9 is a terrific station full of talented people. 

But deep down, I'm grateful for the way things unfolded. I love working at FOX and this is where I'm meant to be. I love being a part of what we're doing there - and the great journalism we're producing for our community. 

Every day I walk into work with a big smile on my face, knowing I get to make a difference at a station that is changing people's lives. And that's pretty cool!

Here's the 2016!

- Kevin