More change in my life. Farewell old home!

So much for the days of five minute walks to work and quick jogs to the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver. After living in the same condo for five and a half years I decided it was time for change. After all, I had never experienced so much change in my life at once.

I moved to Denver in 2009 to take a job at Channel 9. A friend of mine told me to check out the Capitol Hill section of the city since it would be close to work and downtown. After browsing a few listings on Craigslist there was one condo in particular I fell in love with.

After checking it out in person, I knew it was the place I wanted to be. It felt like home. And for a fella who had just packed up his life in New York and left the only home he knew, nothing felt more comfortable.

As the years went on, the condo continued to grow on me. As tiny as it was, it served as a home for not only me, but my ex and his dog. The four of us (me, my ex, his dog and Maggie) lived together for a year and a half.

It was a place of comfort for me during break-ups, bad news and good news. After the Aurora Theater shooting I remember going home, sinking into my bed and crying into my pillow until I passed out.

I also remember my apartment smelling of burnt wood after covering countless Colorado wildfires. That smell would linger for days, if not weeks.

During the holidays my apartment beamed with Christmas lights and decorations. It always brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart.

It was the place where friends would gather on Sunday nights to watch HBO. In fact, my apartment probably hosted more movie nights than some cinemas.

In recent months, it brought me more comfort. In February, the person I had dated for about ten months broke up with me. I was heartbroken, but felt at ease whenever I cuddled up on my comfy couch. Exactly one week after the breakup, I dealt with another loss: the loss of my job at Channel 9. Fifteen minutes after the station decided to part ways, I found myself back on my comfy couch in my cozy apartment, seeking comfort.

I remember thinking to myself, “What if there aren’t any job openings in Denver? I’m going to have to move to a different city. I’m going to have to leave my friends and my apartment behind”. I looked around and thought long and hard about that for quite some time.

Three days later I found myself on a flight back home to New York to spend time with my family. During that trip I received the best news I’ve ever received. The woman who would eventually become my new boss at FOX31 offered me a Reporting gig. So, I booked a ticket back to Denver and returned to my little home in Cap Hill. It had never felt as comfortable as it did the moment I walked back through its door.

Good things don’t always last forever though. My lease wasn’t up until September, but my landlord called me about two months ago and said he was interested in selling the condo and wondered if he could buy me out of my lease. He offered me quite a bit of money and I would’ve been a fool to say no. After all, he was going to sell the condo sooner or later so I looked at it as a sign: it was time for more change.

I’ve lived by myself for the last couple of years and never really enjoyed being alone. I’m a social person and like to be around people.

More recently I had thought about finding a roomie situation. Fortunately, one of my best friends in Denver, Kate, told me she had an open room in her house with another good friend of ours, Rudy. Without hesitation, I said ‘I’ll take it!’.

The three of us live in the Highlands. It’s a few miles away from work, but I love the fact I’m going to get to bike in every day. I’m absolutely ecstatic about the new place and couldn’t be happier. 

After dealing with so much change over the last couple of months, it finally feels like the storm has passed and happiness is on the horizon. At this very moment, my personal life, my professional life and my home life are pretty amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

While I’ll miss my old Cap Hill condo, I’m also realistic. Change is inevitable. And at this very moment, my future has never looked so bright :)