Covering Breaking News

This past year has been crazy in terms of breaking news. I’ve had the opportunity to cover most of the major breaking news stories in Colorado and around the country over the last 12 months. Some of them include: The Aurora Theater Shooting, Jessica Ridgeway’s Abduction and Murder, all of the major Wildfires in Colorado, the Boston Marathon Bombings, President Obama’s Inauguration, the Explosion in West, Texas and many more. 

All of the stories were different. I remember certain things from each one. From the Aurora Theater Shooting, I’ll never forget the look of horror on everyone’s faces. From the Jessica Ridgeway story, I’ll never forget how an entire community came together to help search for the little girl – and how they all came together to say goodbye during her memorial service.

With the wildfires, I’ll never forget the smell that plagued the mountain communities after they ignited in flames.  That smoky, dry scent sticks with you for months.

In Washington DC, I won’t forget the happiness most people felt when they attended the President’s second inauguration.

In Boston, the one thing that stuck out was the level of fear most people felt the day after the explosion. People were wondering whether their city was riddled with more explosive devices.

Then, in West, Texas – there was a sense of shock. People in the tiny town of West were startled by the explosion and how it leveled most of their community.

I put together a compilation of some of the breaking stories I’ve covered over the last year: