My news vehicle smells like red bull and beef jerkey

In the last two days I’ve logged more than 840 miles in my news vehicle. I was assigned a story in southwest Colorado, which aired Tuesday night – and then I picked up another story on my way back home on Wednesday (It will likely air Friday night).

I’m based out of our Denver newsroom and I live in Denver, but often times I’m dispatched to the far corners of Colorado to tell stories. My best days at work are days when I receive a phone call early in the morning (or the night before) asking me if I’d be able to drive 4+ hours to do a story. I never say no.

As much as I love Denver, I tend to have more fun telling stories in far off places – far away from the bright lights of the big city.

I’m not an investigative reporter or a political reporter – I’m a General Assignment Reporter who specializes in regional and feature reporting. That said: I cover quite a bit of spot news and breaking news too.

If you ask my colleagues, they’ll tell you it’s rare to see me reporting from Denver. More often than not, when stories are pitched in our editorial meetings I’ll try and grab the ones that’ll take me far away.

I grew up in a small town and I really love telling small town stories. I enjoy giving a voice to people who would otherwise remain voiceless because they think their story isn't big enough.

My favorite stories happen to be stories that bring me on adventures. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun my job truly is.

The hours are long, the stories can be difficult to produce, but all in all – it’s a BLAST! In the last three years at KUSA, I’ve never felt like I’ve actually worked a day.

Whenever I get up in the morning, I want the hours to pass by quickly so I can get to work. I usually get in to work 1-2 hours early and some nights I’ll stay an hour late.

While I was on assignment this week my work days started early in the morning (around 6am) and ended late at night (9pm). I worked each and every one of those hours with a huge smile on my face :-)

Working on the road is a tad bit difficult. Most times you don’t get a whole lot of time to relax or eat a full meal. Instead, you usually eat something you can munch on while driving – like beef jerkey.

As for those long, long hours – the only cure (at least for me) is to gulp down a few sugar free red bulls haha.

When I returned to Denver Wednesday night I got out of my news vehicle to unload my gear. When I returned to the vehicle there was a noticeable smell: Beef Jerkey and Red Bull. Some might say it smells disgusting, I think it smells like a fun assignment.